Crashing the Party

La Placita‭, ‬is a small plaza and establishment in New Cross‭, ‬comprising restaurants and beauty shops‭, ‬managed by different groups from the African and Latin American diaspora‭; ‬it is a site of comfort for displaced people‭, ‬a collectively constructed imaginary home‭. ‬In it‭, ‬distinct and personalised stations are spotlighted by their national flags and offer a transnational sampling of‭ ‬‘third-world’‭ ‬gastronomy‭. ‬


As a result of the current COVID-19‭ ‬crisis and the London shutdown‭, ‬many of the businesses once hosted by La Placita have had to‭ ‬create their own unique and sustainable systems for operating‭. ‬These may range from home cooking to delivery services that provide the local clientele with a semblance of consistency‭. ‬

‘La Placita‭: ‬Crashing the Party‭,‬’‭ ‬is an online PR project aimed at pushing these systems forward‭, ‬to help generate revenue for these small businesses.Inside‭ ‬‭. ‬Giuseppi Rodriguez and Elad Argaman of Black Gold Collective‭, ‬have orchestrated an interactive party‭; ‬imagining La Placita’s community of Afro-diasporic groups as an audience‭ ‬‘crashing’‭ ‬a commonly‭ ‬‘whitened’‭ ‬institutional matrix‭.‬

This space now functions through 4‭ ‬main elements‭:‬

1‭. ‬Food and beauty online services‭.‬

2‭. ‬A Karaoke hotspot‭. ‬

3‭. ‬A selection of works by artists Janaky Mistry‭, ‬Katrina Nzegwu‭  ‬ ‭    ‬and Tayhe Munsamy inside the‭ ‬Palm Tree‭ ‬Gallery‭.‬

4‭. ‬Weekly live DJ sets