Album 33

This work came about as part of an ongoing archive process of personal family history. After the passing of my grandfather my family and I have taken on the arduous task of going through hundreds of documents and photographs, and painstakingly scanning and labeling them as part of this emerging archive. The photo this work is based on was found in an old photo album labeled 1933, alongside an old newspaper clipping. Unfortunately, we could not decipher who the child in the photo is, and how the clipping refers to the photo. The idea of reconstructing a memory as inversion of the past, is what led the work, while the guessing game of speculate narrative through obscure clues, is what prompt me to make this piece.

The main piece is a 180cm blackout sheet, with the image of the nameless child carved into the sheet, so that the back light comes through the carved lines. Above the sheet hangs an inverted punctured football with light fixture built with in. The light shines dimly through the tiny holes in the patchwork.


In the second piece (Titled album 33_still frame): the negative image of the child and the newspaper clipping imposed on it as if one is part of the other, and an inseparable part of the essence of this long forgotten still mage.